Depression Means You’re Human

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May 25

How are you feeling today?

I’m guessing you’re not feeling as great as you’d like to.

I’m guessing the joy has gone out of life. You’ve lost your bliss, your motivation, even your sense of purpose? persistent depression

Sometimes it may feel like there is no hope…

It’s a truly horrible way to live and I know how it feels. I also know you want more from life and so…I’m really glad you’ve found me and decided to come on a journey to a more rewarding and joyful future.

Any journey, as they say, begins with a single step and today you’ve taken that first step. Good on you!

You are courageous.

So I want you to feel good about doing that.

But I know you can feel so much better and I know you want that too.

Depression or chronic low mood steals the colour from your life.

Perhaps you struggle with low energy, every day yet another mammoth effort?

Perhaps you find it hard to sleep, tossing and turning through the wee small hours as you replay over and over some hurtful event or conversation, some worry about the future or regret about the past?

Maybe you’re overeating, or can’t be bothered eating much at all?

Are you finding it hard to concentrate, make decisions or remember things ?

Have you given up regular physical activity because the tank is drained and empty?

Do you look for excuses not to see friends or catch up with loved ones because the thought of getting ready, heading out and sitting among happy people will bring on a bout of something close to culture shock?

Living with chronic low mood is like trying to get through your day wearing a deep sea diving suit.

Are you crying more, experiencing strange aches and pains or just feel like your head weighs a tonne?

Do you look back and wonder where all your dreams went? Click To Tweet Has all the fun gone out of life? Do you look back to that younger you and wonder who she was and where she went?

Have you been experiencing these feelings for years and years and years?

I did.

The doctor suggested I might be depressed. Well, maybe she wanted to call it that, but I wasn’t sick. I didn’t identify with having an illness.

But I certainly didn’t feel OK. I knew something was wrong. I was struggling to get up the morning, take regular showers and change my clothes, my home was a complete mess and I didn’t have the energy to deal with any of it.

My brain was full of fog.  I couldn’t remember things, think clearly or make good decisions. depression

Depression steals the colour from your life.

For 21 years I struggled with this profound sadness, dissatisfaction with life and with myself. I had a growing sense of helplessness and hopelessness.

These feelings became entrenched in my thinking; negative thoughts about my self-worth and life’s potential swallowed up my ability to see any brightness in my future.

Those feelings are entirely human. They’re unpleasant, sure, and unwanted. They feel very very wrong. But are they evidence of sickness?

We all experience sadness, even overwhelming sadness, regret, disappointment, a sense of failure, dissatisfaction and frustration at times, even for long periods, in our lives.

  • It would be strange if we didn’t feel stress at different times in our life.
  • It would be strange if we didn’t feel grief at losing a loved one.
  • It would be strange if we didn’t feel disappointment and anger at losing a job or failing an exam.
  • It would be strange if we didn’t feel dissatisfied in a job which conflicts with our values.
  • It would be strange if we didn’t feel boredom if life appears to be taking us nowhere.

Chronic low mood is a signal that something is out of whack and needs to be investigated.

Depression originates in how we respond to stress; life today is full of stress. Money pressures, work pressures, relationships, physical ill-health, loss of loved ones, loss of dreams…

Sometimes it feels like we are crumbling under the weight of our emotions…

Stress leads to overwhelming low mood and despondency which can feel never-ending and may lead us to ask, ‘What’s gone so wrong that I feel so bad? Will I always feel this bad?’ depression means you're humanWe may even tell ourselves we deserve these unhappy circumstances, that we don’t deserve a rewarding, pleasurable life, that we only have ourselves to blame because we are weak, stupid, lazy or good-for-nothing.

Some of us experience these feelings more intensely than others; some of us are more resilient against these feelings than others.

But having these feelings doesn’t mean you’re sick.

It means you’re human.






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