Is Chronic Depression Stealing Your Bliss?

Are You Tired Of Feeling Depressed all the time?

How Are You Feeling?

How are you feeling today?

Do you...

    • Wake up each morning and struggle to get out of bed?
    • Move through your day in a fog, find it difficult to think straight, concentrate or make decisions?
    • Lack energy and motivation, often feel exhausted?
      • Isolate yourself from friends and family, and hate the thought of going out?
      • Feel like life is bland, colourless and without any interest for you?
  • Fear that there is nothing better to hope for, that life will never change, that you're stuck in this misery forever?

  • Do you often feel down in the dumps? Not so much that you'd consider ending it all... just that life is miserable, very miserable sometimes and you're wondering why?
  • Perhaps you struggle with low energy, every day yet another mammoth effort?
  • Perhaps you find it hard to sleep, tossing and turning through the wee small hours as you replay over and over some hurtful event or conversation, some worry about the future or regret about the past?
  • Maybe you’re overeating, or can’t be bothered eating much at all?
  • Does the thought of moving beyond what is necessary to get through your day fill you with dread because the tank is drained and empty?
  • Have you seen your friends recently or had people over to your place? Do you look for excuses not to see friends or catch up with loved ones because the thought of getting ready, heading out and sitting among happy people will bring on a bout of something close to culture shock?
  • Do you look back and wonder where all your dreams went? Has all the fun gone out of life? Do you look back to that younger you and wonder who she was and where she went?
  • Have these feelings been going on for years and years and years?
  • You may be struggling with chronic low mood

Hi , I’m Vickie, your friend and ally in depression-recovery. I understand what you’re going through because for 21 years, persistent low mood, or depression, was my life too. depression recovery school

Who Will You Be Without Depression?
What Will Your Future Look Like?

If you’ve been struggling with low mood, negative thoughts, poor sleep, low energy and low motivation, lack of concentration, short memory and indecisiveness and a sense of hopelessness for a few months, years or even decades (like me!) then you’ll know how difficult it is to imagine the future as anything than more of the same.

You want to be depression-free, well sure! Who wants depression? No one who really knows what it means to struggle with chronic low mood each day wants to stay that way.

…But despite your best intentions, you just can’t imagine ever being depression-free …

You didn’t ask for to feel this way (and it’s not your fault that you do) and getting rid of these uncomfortable thoughts and emotions is possible; it’s just a matter of not making chronic low mood an option any more.

You know what you have to do…exercise, eat well, tap into your social network, do meaningful stuff…yada yada yada. You know all this and yet…it’s so hard to get started.

Look, I understand. I’ve been there. For 21 years I lived a ‘less-than’ life. Yes, there were certain achievements and happy moments, but on the whole, life was very, very grey.

Now I live joyfully. Not happy every moment of every day because that would not be natural. I'm contented, at peace, living my bliss and enjoying life! persistent depressive disorder


Because I decided I wasn’t going to have this chronic depressed mood any more.

Here’s a little more about me, if we haven’t had the chance to become acquainted yet:

My Story...

Hi, I’m your coach, Vickie Clayton!

I lived with chronic low mood, known as persistent depressive disorder by the medics, for 21 years.

It started in my teenage years, not sure why exactly, but it might have been because I had two major operations in my childhood.

Through my 20s I always seemed to have a low mood, difficulty sleeping, drowsiness, weeping and very low self-esteem. depression recovery school

I seemed to mull over things until quite small problems became mountainous challenges. I filled diary after diary with my woes and worries.

I found it very difficult to settle into one career and this lack of stability made my mood worse. I couldn’t sustain relationships and my group of friends was small.

Into my 30s and my mood dropped even lower; I lost my job twice in three years and as a result, attempted, bizarrely enough, to operate my own bricks-and-mortar consulting business.

Trying to build a business is hard enough at the best of times but with depression? You guessed it, a disaster.

I had very little money, I lived in a draughty old house with grotty carpets and broken windows, I was eating badly and sleeping worse.

I isolated myself, barely slept at all, ruminated constantly, only left the house for work and to walk the dog, wept every day, had difficulty thinking, remembering things and making decisions.

I had almost no energy, no motivation and self-harmed by scratching my face until it bled and beating my head against the tiles of the shower cubicle trying to dislodge the grey fuzziness which had taken over.

I was not in a good place. I was experiencing profound and overwhelming sadness, regret, frustration and dissatisfaction with life and could not see a way to lift myself out of these distressing feelings.

Living with chronic depression is like pushing a boulder around with you all day.

But still, I wanted to live and I wanted to live well.

I eventually sought medical help, went on anti-depressants and started feeling a little better.

I went on and off the meds (not something I’d recommend) several times and each time my mood plummeted. persistent depressive disorder

Persistent depressive disorder; your own personal boulder to push around all day.

This I could not understand. I thought anti-depressant medication was supposed to be a cure? It made me feel better, sure, but it didn’t seem to be fixing the depression.

Did that mean I had to take medication for the rest of my life?

From then on, I read everything I could about moods and emotions, the mind and the brain, how medications work and how other lifestyle factors also play a part in regaining my sense of joy in life.

I really wanted to know how I could lift myself out of my despair without relying on medication.

After all, I didn't really think I was sick.

It all started with a decision to regain a sense of control over my emotions and my life.

A decision that set me on a path, a journey, a quest…for a way to live depression-free on my own terms.

That was the answer, really. I decided to live, depression-free, on my own terms.

I started making lifestyle changes…getting more regular exercise, using sunshine to reset my body clock and sleep better, eating a Mediterranean style diet, developing my social networks and catching up with friends and loved ones often, reintroducing myself to a passion of my younger years, archaeology.

And it worked.

The decision made it all happen. That decision to be well, to find myself again and to create my own future – for not letting stress and overwhelming emotions steal the colour from life again.

Today, I’ve been living without the debilitating effects of chronic low for more than 10 years.

During that time I have written two books, travelled widely, gone on two archaeological digs, presented my research at an international conference and started a new career and business. I’ve supported my mother through generalised anxiety disorder and my father through Alzheimer’s disease.


I decided to learn how to live calmly, productively and peacefully... and I can show you how you can make that decision too.

What if ...

  • Life had more colour, more adventure, more joy.
  • You were fitter, healthier and more confident than ever before.
  • Your relationships were stronger.
  • Life was more meaningful and purposeful.
  • You enjoyed the activities that you used to love again.
  • You discovered new and interesting hobbies.
  • Your work was more rewarding.
  • Optimism was your default mindset.
  • You found your bliss again.
  • You found YOU again.

There Is Hope...

I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah right. It sounds too good to be true. None of that is for me. That’s not what I’m gonna get from life. Depression is my future. Nothing is going to free me from depression”.

But that’s not true. You might believe these kinds of stories, but they are not universal truths.

It might sound strange, but to eliminate the restrictions of our chronic low mood, we need to be in the right frame of mind. You need to think long and hard about what you believe about depression.

Because if you believe you can change, you will. If you believe you have something wrong with your brain, you're sick and need medication forever, you may not be so open to the idea that you can control this.

You only need to know that this is something you want more than anything else.

“Depression is the inability to construct a future.”

Rollo May, 1909-1994 existentialist and humanist psychologist

Over the past ten years, I’ve discovered just how POWERFUL the right mindset can be.

I’m a teacher. I teach English to university students here in Melbourne, Australia. The first thing I do when I start with a new class is to ask them why they are studying English.

I’m a teacher. I teach English to university students here in Melbourne, Australia. The first thing I do when I start with a new class is to ask them why they are studying English.

What do they tell me?

‘to pass the course’

‘to study at university’

‘because my parents want me to’

These are the students who generally fail.

Why do they fail?

Because they don’t really know why they are studying English. They have no internal motivation.

The vast majority of my students are studying overseas because their parents want them to get a foreign degree in a specialisation that will get them a good job back home.

Usually the specialisation is of no interest to the student.

They are frustrated, bored and under a great deal of pressure.

Most of all, they cannot relate to their reasons for studying English.

They have no motivation.

They’re studying for someone else, not for themselves.

They are not certain they can pass anyway.

Their interest in learning English is very low and their confidence even lower.

They just don’t think it’s possible.

And they usually fail…

Can You Relate?

You, on the other hand, want to be without depression.

Yes, you do!

You know exactly why you want to live without depression.

Don’t you?

So what’s holding you back?

  • You believe you're physically sick and need medication?
  • Lack of knowledge? Lack of confidence? Don't know where to begin?
  • Don’t believe you deserve life without depression?
  • Other people are pressuring you to be ‘normal’ (ie. More like them)?
  • Don’t believe you have what it takes to be depression-free?

Listen, friend. I understand where you’re coming from because I was there once too

Any negative thoughts you’re having ability the possibility of living without depression is just a negative thought habit. These thoughts speak with a loud voice. A compelling voice. You may believe these thoughts that tell you are smaller, weaker, less able than you actually are. persistent depressive disorder

Do you think you can reduce your depressive symptoms?

Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free gives you the tools to silence that voice.

Making Decisions Helps Us Feel Less Depressed.

Depression kind of sits at that junction between mind and brain.

And over the last few decades, studies of the brain have exploded what we know about the brain and how it can change. Our brains can grow new cells (known as neurogenesis), repairing itself if it gets damaged. And our brains can change how its regions relate to each other (known as neuroplasticity).

That lump of squishy grey stuff sitting up there in your skull is an amazingly complex machine – far more powerful than any computer – and yet, it’s surprisingly simple to influence how it works.

Did you know that just making a decision – like a decision to live without chronic low mood – fires up a part of the brain that is typically less active in depression?

In other words, if you make a decision - like a decision to be rid of depression - your brain will respond with a whoop and a cry of ‘hurray!’

…well not exactly, but it will fire up the neurons in your prefrontal cortex, which is part of the brain which is typically inactive in depression.

Like other regions of the brain, the prefrontal cortex has a left and a right side. The right side, which is active in depression, is responsible for our creativity and imagination.

This sounds OK, but when combined with activity in the amygdala, which is responsible for emotions and tends to see the world through emotionally-coloured glasses, the right side of the prefrontal cortex is not a good fit for sound decision-making.

It sends us on depressive flights of fancy instead, like ‘You’ll never get over this, you’re gonna be depressed forever’ and ‘What, get over me? But I’m your best mate, depression! I’ll never leave you, I love you!’

Making a decision makes the left side of the brain leap into action.

This is the thinking part of the brain, responsible for analytical thought and decision making. Less of the emotional stuff.

Using your left prefrontal cortex makes you feel better, because you feel more in control. When you make decisions, you are taking control because you decide what happens next.

Unfortunately, when we are low in mood and have had negative thinking patterns for a long time, that part of the brain is less used, which makes us feel more out of control and as though we have no choice over our emotions.

But you do have a choice…

You can choose to start building a depression-free life right now. This is why:

Eliminating Stress and Depression from Your Life Should Be Your Top Priority

  1. So you can live the life you were meant to have (last time I checked, you only get one).
  2. So you can have the types of friendships and relationships you were meant to have.
  3. So you can be a better parent, son or daughter, brother or sister.
  4. So you can support others through this.
  5. So you can finally start to achieve the things you’ve always wanted to achieve, big or small.
  6. So you can make a contribution to the world in whatever way is meaningful to you, big or small.
  7. So you can live peacefully with the normal moments of joy and sadness, without slipping into depression.
  8. So you can be the best, most resilient, confident and wonderful you you can possibly be!

Find The Real You Again

Reducing or eliminating your chronic low mood is not easy. If it was, you’d have done it by now. Perhaps you’ve been on medication, had a few sessions of talk therapy and feel a bit better.

That’s great!

But it’s not wonderful, is it…

Antidepressant medication does not cure depression because depression is not a sickness.

Talk therapy might help, counselling with a psychologist. You can learn new ways of giving meaning to the experiences in your life, which can make you feel calmer and more in control.

But there isn’t a “magic pill” you can take that will give you a depression-free life overnight. But creating brighter, happier, more satisfying life is absolutely possible, no matter how bad you feel right now.

I created Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free to help you reach that point where you scream, ‘Enough is enough! I’m not going to live with depression any more!’

These tools and ideas will help you make that decision.

But first of all, you need a really strong foundation on which to build your bright future.

How Does That Foundation Look?

  • You understand exactly why you want to lift your mood and regain control over your emotions
  • You find yourself again
  • You reconnect with your values
  • You identify the strengths you have within you that will get you through
  • You design your future
  • You know how to deal with negative thoughts as they arise
  • You start building resilience for when tough times arise
  • You know how to call in your allies so you’re not doing this alone

You Can Do This!

When you know all these things, nothing can stop you freeing yourself from depression.

Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free - 30 days to discovering who you will be and how your life will be without depression!

Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free combines the latest in neuroscience with carefully designed exercises which will lead you to that all-important decision; the decision to say ‘good bye’ to chronic low mood, despair and distress once and for all.

Best of all, you don’t even need to believe you can do it; that’s what this course is all about.

All you need to bring is that tiny part of you which wants this, which knows there is more to life than you're currently experiencing.

Here's what you can expect when you enroll in Make Your Mind Up: Decide To Be Depression Free:

  1. Activities to move you towards who you will be without depression
  2. Practical strategies for dealing with negative thoughts which are sure to arise before they jeopardise your effort
  3. Activities to get you thinking about your future without depression
  4. Practical strategies for building resilience
  5. Advice for finding allies in your journey

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."

Helen Keller

Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free will help you feel more in control, less hopeless or controlled by overwhelming emotions, by simply helping you decide to do so.

The exercises I share with you to shift your mindset are combined with other emotion-balancing exercises which help you keep on when the going gets tough.

The 6 Modules of the course covers everything you need to start thinking about who you’ll be and what your future will be like without depression.

The 6 Modules Cover The Following:

  1. ​Welcome and How to Take the Course to get the Best Results
  2. The Stress/Depression Connection and How to Cut the Stress Response
  3. Who Will You Be Without Depression?
  4. How Will Your Future Be Without Depression?
  5. How To Build Resilience; Gratitude, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Finding Supporters
  6. Where To From Here?

The focus of the course is on regaining a sense of who you are and on creating a future without depression.

Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free is a 6 Module Course, together with a manual explaining Emotional Freedom Techniques (used to calm strong and unpleasant emotions) and extra tapping rounds.

Here's What You Will Get...

The course is fully downloadable and you will receive:

  • 6 Modules in ebook form
  • My Emotional Freedom Technique Manual in pdf
  • Extra Tapping Rounds you can use to soothe emotions

You'll also receive these additional bonuses:

  • A Mood Journal for you to print
  • A Lifestyle Journal for you to print
  • A calendar to help you plan out how you’ll take the course

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


You Will Learn How To:

  • Learn how stress affects the brain and the relationship between stress and depression
  • Begin to identify as someone without depression and who can create a joyful, rewarding future
  • Find ‘easy-win’ activities and simply physical movement to lift your mood rapidly
  • We’ll use a SWOT analysis to highlight your strengths and prepare for any threats or weaknesses that might stand in your way
  • We’ll rediscover your values and learn how to rebalance your life right now
  • We’ll identify the next steps to get your started on the road to a depression free future

Because I know it is hard, when you’re experiencing a very low mood to do this kind of work, the course includes a Module which offers strategies to deal with negative thoughts that will arise.

In Module 5, 'Building Resilience':

  • I’ll introduce you to my 4 – step process for stopping negative thoughts in their tracks
  • We’ll look at ways to rebalance your thinking so it’s not so skewed to the negative
  • Develop flexibility in thoughts and behaviour
  • Learn how self-compassion is the key to lifting your mood and outlook
  • Get out of our heads and focus on our physical surrounds using mindfulness
  • Discover how gratitude changes the brain so that you feel better

Because I want you to make the most of this opportunity to develop a mindset which says an emphatic ‘no’ to chronic low mood and emotional overwhelm, I’m also giving you these free bonuses:

  1. An EFT basic manual
  2. 10 free tapping scripts that deal with the most common negative thoughts that arise
  3. A free calendar so that you can really plan this course out and make the most of it
  4. A Lifestyle Journal so that you can track the impact of diet, exercise and other activities on your mood
  5.  A Mood Journal to help you see when and why your mood changes through the day

And, I’ll be with you every step of the way. I’ll be emailing you regularly to help you stay on track and you can contact me with any questions or concerns you have about the course. I read and respond to all emails.

This course will help you get clear on why you want to live depression-free. ‘Because I'm so unhappy' is not enough, not clear enough, not powerful enough than a well-defined, sharp, detailed picture of exactly who you’ll be and what kind of life you’ll be living when you come to design the life you'll love.

When you've been overwhelmed by negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs for so long, connecting with a joyful life seems almost impossible and that’s what this course is all about…reconnecting with the authentic you that has got lost in the profound despair that has become your new normal and designed the life you’d always imagined that you’d have. Change is hard, I totally get that, but I also believe you can do it.

Want to know how Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free will change your life for the better?

After completing the course, you’ll...

  • No longer feel that depression is all you deserve in life, that you’re stuck with depression and that nothing will ever change.
  • On the contrary, you will feel confident and optimistic that you can have a depression-free life.
  • Have the skills to silence those irritating and painful negative voices
  • Have the skills you need to start building resilience
  • Know how to ask others to help you
  • No longer need to put up with the debilitating experience of depression any longer
  • Finally feel you can DO this. You’ve got the tools, the know-how, and the strong foundation to leverage your inner strength for a depression-free future! depression recovery school
Vickie Clayton
Creator of Make Your Mind Up

About the Author

I am a teacher of English as a Second Language here in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. I love teaching, but it is not my first career. Not having a single career path is something that used to make me feel uncomfortable, but now I embrace it and am grateful for all the experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy. I’m a real ‘jack of all trades’!

At university I studied archaeology. I joined a team of researchers and excavated in Syria for some years through the 1990s. I completed my PhD in 2001 but without the confidence to pursue an academic career I turned my attention to present-day, rather than ancient society. I was exhausted, depressed and broke.

After my doctorate I took a migration agents course and found a job with the Inner Western Region Migrant Resource Centre in Footscray, a western suburb of Melbourne. I loved working in the multi-cultural setting of the centre and found great satisfaction in advocating on behalf of our clients. Unfortunately, the MRC ran into financial problems and my contract was cut short. I fell back into the depression which had appeared during my postgraduate studies.

I decided that working for myself might be the right path to take and so I set up my own immigration consulting business, AusArrivals Immigration Agency. I managed to find a tiny office, but my procrastination kicked in again, fuelled by a rapidly decreasing sense of self-confidence. I’d never run a business before; I was way out of my depth. As my savings began to run out I became more and more depressed and less and less able to get moving. Eventually I got help for my depression and the business started making a little progress, but as all small business, it involved a constant search for clients and long and stressful work. I began to wonder how I had got to this point.

Finally I closed the business. I was desperately unhappy, in debt and feeling like life had gone off the rails. The final straw was the death of my beloved dog, who had really got me through the bad times when I was not looking after myself. She got me out of bed and down to the park. She stuck by me through thick and thin. And then she died.

I told myself, ‘Enough is enough’. I knew I wasn’t well and finally I went to the doctor who prescribed anti-depressants and a course of psychological counselling, neither of which helped long-term.

Feeling slightly better, I retrained as an English teacher, got a job in China and worked there for three years. It was an amazing experience. On returning to Australia, I went off the medications and started to manage my depressive symptoms through exercise, healthy eating, developing resilience, connecting with others, good sleep, lots of sunshine, canine therapy and a good cup of coffee!

I’m in my mid-40s. I have beaten depression and procrastination, knocked low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, self-doubt and uncertainty on the head. I try not to be bothered by other’s opinions and have stopped seeking the approval of those around me. I am resilient.

I have volunteered my time at community legal centres, with the Red Cross and with the elderly. I have a rewarding life.

I have started writing and photography and yes, returned to my first love, archaeology! Three years ago I published my first book based on my doctoral research.

I am calm and happy. I am grateful for the support of friends and family. It’s taken some doing, but life is now very rewarding, in all sorts of ways.

Life is for living and giving and being fulfilling!

Yours can be too. Imagine what kind of rewarding, exciting, and joy-filled life you could have without depression!

Let me be your ally in depression-recovery.

Start with Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free!

Change is hard, there's no getting away from it and maybe you relate to some of these reasons why it’s been difficult for you to eliminate chronic low mood from your life:

Enter your text here...

· Overwhelm (‘It’s too big, where do I begin?’)

· Lack of knowledge (‘I just don’t know how’)

· Distraction (‘I’m too busy, I don’t have time’)

· Fear of failure (‘What if it doesn’t work, what if I’m stuck with depression forever?’)

· Fear of success (‘What if I don’t recognise myself without depression, what will my friends think of me, how do I reimagine myself and my life’)

· Negative self-talk (‘I can’t, who do I think I am? I’m no good, a loser, things never work for me etc’)

· Fear of emotions (‘I don’t know what feelings I’ll expose, they may be really painful, I don’t think I can handle it’)

And you may be able to think of other reasons as well.

The point is, you're not alone. Everyone has struggled with change at some point in their lives. And you know what, despite everything, you are doing the best you can!

As you go through this course material, I show you exactly what to do to reduce the challenge of change.

Above all, this is a gentle course, written by someone who knows how tough it can be to change...

Feeling Uncertain?

At this point, I’m hoping you might be feeling excited, or at least a glimmer of excitement, knowing that Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free offers you the best possible chance for depression recovery.

I’m hoping you’re feeling as excited about taking this course as I am about bringing it to you (because I know it’s going to change your life).

But I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re also having some doubts and worries about whether this course will work for you. That's pretty normal when you're depressed!

So in case you’re feeling nervous, let me clear up some of the myths and fears you may be thinking right now...

1. I’m too depressed to start this course. I have no energy or motivation.

The very first exercise shows you how you can identify activities which will raise your mood. Raising your mood and making you feel a little better will help you continue with the course.

The key to raising your mood and your confidence is teeny, tiny baby steps done consistently. You need only work on this course for 5 minutes each day if you think that’s all you can manage.

As horrible as this sounds, the things we believe we cannot do are the very things we really need to do. So stand up, stretch tall and as the famous sports manufacturer says, Just Do It.

2. I’m on medication and I’m pretty sure it's enough for me.

Great! I’m glad to hear it's working for you. If you’re satisfied that you can make the lifestyle changes needed for a good recovery from depression, then this course may not be for you.

You see, living well is not just about feeling a bit brighter, having a slightly more cheerful mood.

Living well is about having the emotional resilience to cope when challenging situations hit us once again.

Depression recovery is about recreating your life in many different aspects, from nutrition to exercise, good sleep and social connection and having a meaningful life. Living without low mood doesn’t just mean feeling happier, it means living a fulfilling, contented, peaceful life and being confident to deal with the highs and lows. Medication doesn’t give you any of those things…

3. Isn’t this just like CBT or other talk therapy?

This course does lean on psychological ideas in some ways, but it’s unique as well.

When you go to chat to your psychologist, it is unlikely that he or she will understand enough about neuroscience to know the practical steps needed to create new pathways in the brain which will help raise your mood and keep it up.

Sure, thinking differently will change your brain, but there are practical things you can do as well. This course has both elements; some ‘sit down and think’ exercises and some ‘practical, get up and move around now’ exercises.

Fundamentally, the course is based on coaching techniques, which are focused on setting goals and the change needed to reach them. But I'm not expecting that you'll make massive practical changes in your life (although you might), but I am expecting you to change in your view of depression and what it means to live free of depression. It's more 'mind-changing', than action-based. Mind-changing is life-changing too!

4. But I don’t understand. This course will not make me well? Then why should I take it? It doesn’t seem to make sense.

The problem with chronic low mood is that it keeps us in our head. Nobody likes to feel depressed, nobody wants depression. But just saying to yourself, ‘I wish I wasn’t depressed. I wish this depression would go away’ isn’t always enough.

If getting rid of depression were that simple, it’s likely you’d have done it by now.

So we go to the doctor and he or she puts us on medication and suggests we get some psychological therapy. We do those things because someone else, our doctor, suggests it to us.

It seems normal. We don’t feel well, so we go to the doctor. We’re not thinking straight, so the doctor tells us to go to the therapist. The therapist talks to us about our thinking patterns.

Has anyone ever asked you why you want to be well?

My doctor certainly didn’t and neither did my psychologist. Of course, they were well intentioned and wanted me to feel better. But neither had felt what I was feeling and that is one of the main differences with this course.

I’ve been exactly where you are and I know that you need to get this stuff clear – why do I want to be calm and contented and experience more happiness, who do I want to be instead of this miserable person and what kind of life do I want to lead? before you can get well.

Now, thinking about these questions and doing some serious reflection and decision-making will actually make you feel better.

So the course is designed to bring you relief from your negative thoughts and emotions, but is unlikely to bring you to full recovery because there is more work to be done than is covered in this course. This is the foundation course for all the others.

5.You keep mentioning other courses. Will I be doing courses (and paying for them) forever to get rid of my depression?

No, certainly not. It's entirely up to you. Some people surge ahead and set goals and meet them on their own; others prefer a step-by-step program to help them find their way.

Depression Recovery School also offers other courses which cover all the lifestyle changes that need to be made to give yourself the best possible chance of living the kind of life you want without stress or emotional instability making any kind of impact on your life.

These stand-alone courses, which go into each of these lifestyle changes in more depth, can be chosen on an as-needs basis, either separately or bundled together.

6. Can’t I find all this information online?

Possibly, if you want to pick through hundreds of websites and who has the energy for that?

7. I want to do it but I don’t think I can find the time.

This is a question only you can answer. But can I ask you one in return?

When will the time be right?

8. I want to do it, but I’m just not sure I can…

Welcome, friend, you’re in the right place. This course is exactly for you. Even if you don’t think you can do it right now.

If you are thinking about hurting yourself or ending your life, you need to seek urgent medical assistance now by calling the emergency phone numbers in your country. DO NOT attempt this course until you feel more stable.

You don’t need a doctor’s official diagnosis of depression, but just suspect that life is not living up the dreams and goals that you had when you were younger.

If you feel you are lacking in self-confidence, self-esteem or any other negative thought about yourself, you can do this course. This course will help you in all these areas.

9. Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

You have 30 days to go through the course, try the strategies, and get results. If these methods don’t work for you, just shoot me an email and let me know how I can do better and I’ll gladly give you a full refund.

10. What format is the course content delivered in?

The course is fully downloadable and you will receive:

  • A course book of over 100 pages delivered in pdf format
  • A video with me performing the tapping rounds from the ‘Dealing with Negative Thoughts’ section

You’ll also receive these additional bonuses:

  • My Emotional Freedom Technique manual in pdf format
  • 10 tapping scripts also in a pdf
  • A calendar to help you plan out how you’ll take the course

I’ll also be keeping in touch with you by email throughout the course and you are very welcome to email me with questions or concerns as you go through it. I respond to all student emails!

11. What will I need to do the course?

To do the course you will need an open-mind and an intention to give it your best shot even if you are not very confident that this will work for you.

On the practical side, you’ll need a note book (preferably a large one, A4) and a nice pen to write with.

You could do this on your computer or iPad, but I strongly recommend you do the exercises long-hand. There’s something very relaxing about writing out your thoughts and ideas, but an iPad will do.

No one deserves to live with chronic low mood; it’s an energy sapping, colourless, life-denying way to live. It’s an existence, that’s all.

You deserve better. And even if this is also hard to believe right now, by the end of this course, you will know that you deserve a fulfilling and happy life and more importantly, you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve it.

I know this course can help you.

Here's "What You Get" When You Enroll in Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free

  • 6 Course Modules in downloadable PDF format AND an Introductory Manual to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • BONUS #1: Course planner to help you move through the course material
  • BONUS #2: An introduction to EFT manual
  • BONUS #3: A Mood Journal to help you track changes to your mood through your day
  • BONUS #4 A Lifestyle Journal to show how diet, exercise and other daily activities impact on your mood

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel ready to start your journey to a depression-free life by the end of 30 days, just send me an email explaining how I can do better and we'll send you a prompt refund.

P.S: Ready to live fully and joyfully? Ready to rediscover your values and your bliss? I created this course for you, because it works. With my money-back guarantee you really have nothing to lose but your fear that you’ll be depressed forever. And, I’ll be with you every step of the way. I’ll be emailing you regularly to help you stay on track and you can contact me with any questions or concerns you have about the course. I read and respond to all emails.

Yes, I want to start moving forward towards my depression-free life now!

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