Depression Recovery School's courses take you on a journey from chronic low mood to a life of joy, a life that is rewarding, a life that is worth living.

To design your life free of depression, take Depression Recovery School's courses in three stages.

Stage 1:

Your journey begins with Depression Recovery School's Foundation Course: Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free!

I know how hard it is to make changes when you're struggling with chronic low mood. It's so difficult to know what to do, where to begin, who to believe.

That's why it's really important to get clear about what kind of life you'd rather be living.

Having some kind of picture of my future without depression really, really helped me create that future.

That’s what Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free! is all about.

Getting clear on what kind of life you'd like instead of what you've got now is what might be missing for you if you find you’re still struggling with depression.

Do you have a clear enough ‘why’ for feeling better?

If you have ever pushed away the idea of a certain lifestyle, job, hobby, adventure, relationship because you can’t imagine living like that because you feel so bad right now, Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free! was designed exactly for you, where you are at right now.

I understand only too well the pain of living a life half-lived. It’s hardly living. It’s more like merely existing, getting through each day without that sense of reward, meaning or that simple joy that makes life worth living.

Do you dream of putting in a vegie garden and sharing the produce with your friends over the dinner table?

Would you like to try a certain career because you feel it suits your abilities and talents?

Do you adore animals and would like to open a dog-minding or grooming business?

Do you have a musician, photography, artist or writer trapped inside you?

Would you like to be better at managing personal relationships and bringing joy to others that way?

Don’t let depression rob the world of what you, unique and wonderful you, have to share with us all.

Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free! will help you beat those negative thoughts that creep in when we try to make changes to develop better quality of life. how to live without depression

Can you see your future without chronic low mood?

“What should I be aware of in taking this course?”

  • You will be asked to take action. These actions will be both physical (eg. walking) and cognitive (thinking).
  • This is a kick starter course. It is designed to get you moving into a depression-free life.
  • Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free! is a foundation course and the skills you will learn and the actions you will take will mean everything you do after the program will have a much greater chance of being effective.

You'll find relief and a wonderful sense of optimism and hope through Make Your Mind UP: Decide to be Depression-Free!