I struggled with chronic low mood for 21 years and in that time I learned a few things:

One of them was that I struggled to get things done, even if I was in the mood (which wasn't often...)


...the other was that one thing I really struggled with was keeping my home clean and tidy...​

It's what happens when you're mood is very low. Your energy level drops and it's really hard to get things done,

but there's something else going on too...

We don't think we're worth it.

Not worth getting things done, moving forward, enjoying small and large successes in life

Like living in a clean, tidy, functional household.

So, when I got this stuff sorted for myself (literally and metaphorically!) I thought I would share it with others because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who:

  • Struggles with starting and finishing things
  • Struggles with keeping their home environment in order

Can you relate?

It's funny - and I didn't come up with this idea - that when you're external environment is neat and tidy, your mind tends to be more effective too!

You can get much more done when your physical space is in order; and when your mental space is in order, the same thing happens - you get more done!

Does this...

...make your brain feel like this?

And it's 10 times worse if you're struggling with chronic low mood...

Now, if there's one thing I've learned in my journey out of chronic low mood, it's that emotions and more specifically, unhelpful or unregulated emotions, that are really at the root of depression.

I learned how to take back control of my emotional life - not by pushing them away - but by facing them squarely and then choosing to let them go.

Emotions are feedback.

Something out of whack, not going the way it should...a tense, pressured situation, burnout, issue that has gone way out of hand and is causing you an immense amount of stress.

These kinds of situations need a cool, calm head.

to be able to decide the best course of action, but you can't do this when you're in fight or flight!

When your emotional amygdala has hijacked your brain and your clever and analytical prefrontal cortex is out of action...emotions take over.

Does worry stop you from getting what you want from life?

What does this have to do with procrastination?

Well, let's say you're faced with a task...finishing a project at work, studying for an exam, picking up the phone and inviting that nice new friend on a date. You have to or want to do it, but somehow, you just can't!

It's your amygdala telling you it's not safe. 'Run now!' your emotions tell you, 'It's too dangerous to do this thing! Just don't do it! Stay safe!'

And so you don't take action.

You procrastinate.

Let's just get this clear....Procrastination is not:

  • About being lazy
  • About being stupid
  • About being good-for-nothing
  • About being a loser

You are none of these things.

It's just your emotions. You've somehow started to tell yourself a story about yourself, your abilities, your meaning and value in the world and this has got in the way of getting stuff done.

So is this your fault, then?

Emphatically, NO!

We pick up ideas about ourselves and our worthiness from all sorts of places; parents, family, school, teachers, coaches, friends, the media, our work experiences...

We are not born lazy, stupid, good-for-nothing or a loser. Every person on the face of this planet is a valuable, unique, special being with so much to offer the rest of us.

We just get stuck in the messages; the messages about ourselves which stop us from doing and getting what we want.

Does fear keep you safe?

Safe from what?

What are you missing out on?

What if you could live as you'd love to and still feel safe?

It's normal to want to protect ourselves.

 If taking a certain action makes us feel scared, in danger, or at risk, why would we do it?

Of course we always do what protects us. That's quite normal. You are perfectly normal.

My book, Beat Procrastination, will help you get moving towards the life you'd love to live!

What You Will Learn:

  • What is Procrastination?
  • What is EFT?
  • The Emotional Problems with Procrastination and How to Eliminate Them
  • Practical Solutions and Strategies for Getting Started Right Now

There are many books out there about beating procrastination.

But these are books for people who are really not procrastinators at all, they just need some time management and goal setting tools to help them work more effectively.

These books will not help you if you have a lifetime of procrastination. You know the strategies - goal setting, time management, working effectively -  but you haven’t used any of them.


Because there is more to procrastination than not knowing how to set goals or prioritise time.

As we know, not taking action is about who we are as people, how we see ourselves and whether we deserve to be successful or happy.

Emotional Freedom Techniques may be just the method you’ve been looking for to treat your procrastination. It’s odd, yes, but it’s proven and it works.

Tap your way to freedom from procrastination in this short, practical, easy to read book.

This book will show you how to:

Learn EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques is crucial for recovery from chronic low mood because it can be applied to any emotional issue.

Free Tapping Scripts

EFT is simple to use but if you've never used it before, it may be hard to think of the words. You don't have to with the tapping scripts provided in the book.

Identify Emotional Reasons Behind Procrastination

We're all different and we all have our own reasons for procrastinating. Learn what yours might be and then learn how to overcome them with EFT and practical strategies.

Practical Strategies to Get Moving Again

Tapping away the emotional blockages to getting things done is the first step, then you need easy to use, effective and practical strategies to get yourself moving towards your goals.

Beat Procrastination! is a step-by-step guide to using EFT to conquer your procrastination once and for all.

So what IS this EFT thing anyway?

EFT uses traditional acupuncture points on the, but we use our fingertips to stimulate these points, rather than needles.

While you are preparing to tap, hold in your mind a specific emotional issue or problem – it could be anything from a very disturbing memory you’ve held for years, through to concerns about money or nervousness about starting a new job.

Any issue that makes you feel bad can be tapped on for relief from that negative feeling. Then, tap on the meridians of the body, while stating out loud the details of the negative situation and your feelings about it.

This combination of stating out loud your feelings while tapping the points shifts the emotion and clears it out. Your perspective is changed your develop clarity about the issue

To be honest, I don't know about 'shifting energy' or 'releasing blockages'...for me, I was just so relieved that I could face my fears without my emotions getting in the way.

EFT calmed me. Maybe it's a distraction, but it's more than that. Days, weeks and months later I could think about those issues or situations which had made me so emotional before, and be completely calm about them.

And when you're calm, you are in a much better place to set goals and follow through.

When you're calmly facing your fears and emotions, you can choose to take action anyway.

When you're in a place of fearlessness you can begin to get stuff done, to make those changes. At least, you can make a start...and the momentum will keep you moving...even if you still feel a little fear.

I am not a time management consultant nor a psychologist. I am just a person, a normal person like you, who used to struggle with procrastination. I have read and researched and reflected upon procrastination, the effects it has had on my life and the solutions I have found and I can offer you the wisdom of my experience.

Don't wait any longer. Get Beat Procrastination and Get Going!

if you’ve ever asked yourself:

· Why can’t I just get on with this?

· Why do I put things off all the time?

· How can I change?

this may just be the book for you! Let me show you how much more fulfilling life can be. You deserve it!