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the place for friends who want to live free of depression, create lives worth living and share their authentic selves with the world!

Do You Dream of Living without Depression?

If you dream of living without depression, then, friend, you are absolutely in the right place!

Depression Recovery School is all about informing, coaching and supporting people from all experiences and backgrounds to move beyond their depression and create lives that not only bring them fulfilment and joy, but serves others and makes the world a better place – because you are fully alive and fully YOU.

  • Do you struggle with chronic low mood? Do you feel down every single day?
  • Is it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and a miracle if you make it through the day?
  • Are you sleeping poorly, not thinking clearly, finding it hard to make decisions or feeling irritable for no reason?
  • move through your day in a fog, finding it hard to concentrate and never really able think clearly or make decisions easily?
  • isolate yourself from friends and family, not having the energy or desire to attend social occasions?
  • feel like life is bland, colourless, and without any interest for you?
  • fear that this is all there is, that nothing will change?
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Living with depression is truly miserable.

Do you wonder how life got so difficult? Have you stopped believing you deserve happiness? Fulfilment? A joyful, rewarding life?

For 21 years this was my life.

For 21 years I struggled with a profound sadness, dissatisfaction with life and with myself and a growing sense of gloom and pessimism.

These feelings became entrenched in my thinking; negative thoughts about my self-worth and life’s potential swallowed up my ability to see any brightness in my future.

These feelings are entirely human.

We all experience sadness, even overwhelming sadness, regret, disappointment, a sense of failure, dissatisfaction and frustration at times, even for long periods, in our lives.

These feelings originate in stress; life today is full of stress. Money pressures, work pressures, relationships, physical ill-health, loss of loved ones, loss of dreams…

Stress today can feel overwhelming and may lead us to ask, ‘Will life always be this way? What’s gone so wrong that I feel so bad?’

We may even tell ourselves we deserve these unhappy circumstances, that we don’t deserve a rewarding, pleasurable life, that we only have ourselves to blame because we are weak, stupid, lazy or good-for-nothing.

Some of us experience these feelings more intensely than others; some of us are more resilient against these feelings than others.

But having these feelings doesn’t mean you’re sick.

They mean you’re human.

If feelings of intense sadness, disappointment, frustration or weariness are affecting your life, and you’re in despair that life can ever be joyous or rewarding again, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome, friend.

Can you recover from depression?

Yes, yes you can.

It is possible to recover from depression.

I did.

With years of trial and error. Three steps forward, two steps back. But I did it and life has never been so great as it has for the last 8 or 9 years.

I made choices to live a particular way which works for me. They can help you too, but your solution doesn’t need to be exactly the same as mine…

After all, part of my depression recovery was going on an archaeological dig. Not everyone needs or wants to do that!

I don’t believe I have the perfect answer for your depression recovery; I believe we all know what we need. We really do. The solution might have got hidden away somewhere, but put on your lab coat and pick up the microscope and let’s get investigating to find out what works to get you moving again.

Helpful Posts (read these first to learn more about what we believe here at Depression Recovery School and about my story):

Depression Recovery School is Open!

There’s an incredible amount of information out there on depression, changing your way of thinking, getting counselling or psychological help, taking exercise, eating healthily…

...but there is precious little to help you build a life free of overwhelming low mood in a logical, step-by-step way, with the support you need.

I mean, how do you get started when just getting out of bed is miracle?

This is why I decided to create something especially for people who want to start creating a better life for themselves, their way

I wanted to create a community that provides the education, group support and practical guidance we all need to give ourselves the best possible chance to eliminate depression.

If your focus is freedom from stress, freedom from emotional dysregulation and freedom from chronic low mood and you want to build a new kind of life for yourself, then I’m here for you.

http://depressionrecoveryschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/people-1132524_1920.jpg depression recovery

What you need are allies in depression recovery.

Depression Recovery School has the following mission and philosophy:

1. Chronic low mood is not an illness that cannot be treated, but rather a signal that something needs to change

2. Offers courses and coaching to give you relief from debilitating low mood as quickly as possible

3. Courses and coaching incorporate only evidence-based strategies for eliminating depression

4. That chronic low mood is overwhelming, so I provide a step-by-step program that sets out the path to a life without depression so you know exactly what to do next

5. Allies who know what you’re going throughare a crucial part of depression recovery because (because they’ve been there too)

6. ILived experience is a powerful thing. We know, deep inside ourselves, what would be a rewarding and joyful life for us. We are the experts in our own recovery..

http://depressionrecoveryschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/woman-1148923_1920.jpg accept your depression

We all know what we need to do...it's just finding the way...

Most new visitors to Depression Recovery School come with the dream of getting rid of depression once and for all and creating instead a rewarding, peaceful life.

Maybe you can relate…

There are many shared challenges to be faced and work to be done and Depression Recovery School offers both self-study courses and a combination of self-study, personal and group coaching to get you there at your pace.

Deciding to be part of Depression Recovery School gives you relief almost immediately because making decisions activates part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex, which is normally less active in depression and begins to shut down the stress systems in the body, making you feel calmer.

Then the real work of recovery can begin.

You’ve come to the right place.

Together, we can do this.

I trust that you’ll find Depression Recovery School to be a useful resource for you in your journey towards recreating your life, your authentic life, the life you deserve.

Don’t do what I did. Don’t wait 21 years. Get help now.

Please feel free to join in on the conversations happening around the site in our comments section.

Send me a message today and ask me how I can help you bring more joy back into life.

Or drop me a note any time on our social media pages – I’m particularly active on twitter and facebook and look forward to connecting.